Using Drills in English Language Teaching

ISBN: 9780953132362

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This is the only book to cover this important topic. Now, all language teachers can be sure of why, how, when to have students repeat, even when not to insist on it!

48 Pages

As with Essential Phonetics for English Language Teachers, we have pared away all non-essential theory on this topic, resulting in a pleasantly readable experience for trainee and in-service teachers! Affordable, too.

At last, in one work, there is a clear outline of the origination of drilling in ELT, a clear, no-nonsense presentation of the rationale and justification of repetition in learning – including listening repetition, for learners who may be diffident about repeating orally on demand.

Communicative Language Teaching

How can drilling be accommodated in the Communicative Approach to Language Teaching? Penston has the answer, put simply and succinctly, as usual. Context is key, and this maxim resonates throughout, especially in the author’s exhortations to draw on the whiteboard (WB) – including the online WB. Instructions and visuals included.

Practicality is the priority

In keeping with the principles in our other publications, there is no long-winded explanation of what teachers already know. Instead, Penston gets straight to classroom (and online) examples, with typical teacher-student dialogues, these not without some humour. No guessing as to what really happens in the classroom.


Besides the earlier examples of controlled practice, there are nine enjoyable activities, all laid out for easy adoption for any class, face-to-face or online. Poetry, limericks, disappearing text, etc.

Lesson plan

Where drilling occurs in a typical lesson can only be shown in a typical lesson plan, and again this book obliges with a brief but workable format for most lessons. This is the common PPP plan stipulated on teacher training courses, but of course with the essential Lead-in and Wrap-up stages.


All headings and most of the 15 visuals are in colour. This is yet another factor which makes this book so attractive and readable. Have a Look Inside and see!