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A Concise Grammar for English Language Teachers

ISBN: 9780953132317

This book has been acclaimed as the grammar course for initial training in ELT, and as an excellent quick reference for practising teachers.

Essential Phonetics for English Language Teachers

ISBN: 9780953132331

A remarkably compact and easy-to-read book, written specially for teachers who have been afraid or wary of using articulatory phonetics.

A History of Ireland for Learners of English

ISBN: 9780953132348

This book is for anyone interested in Irish history and culture. It is most suitable for learners of English at intermediate level and above.

Using Drills in English Language Teaching

ISBN: 9780953132362

The only book to cover this important topic. Now, teachers can be sure of why, how, when to have students repeat, even when not to insist on it.